Live Action Filming

“We can cover the sky, the sea and everything in between.”

Live Filming

Whether it’s a one camera filming requirement, a multi-camera filming, an on set multi-camera editing… We will meet your expectations and go beyond. Our crew members are creative, smart and responsible.

Drone Filming

The method that allows us to vary our filming in the same shot from close to extreme wide and far angle, maintaining footage which were not possible in earlier times for environments, landscapes, buildings, stages, scenes… Our operators are used to us always upgrading our equipment to gain the best quality technology has to offer.

Underwater Filming

This is definitely not a new method for us as we have worked on multiple projects that required us to film both in the open sea and in pools for specific projects. Whether it’s in slow-motion or not, and whether it’s for movie clips, video clips, commercials… Having the right equipment and the specially trained operators, makes it possible for us to deliver what is required, once it’s requested.