About Us

BB Station is a full service film/video production, audio/animation production. Provide your vision and leave the rest to us, as we’re always working on framing your vision.

If you’re looking for the right way to promote your company or product, we specialize in tv commercials, documentaries, corporate and social media videos. We also provide script writing, production and post production services as well as website and printing services.


With years of experience in every field in the industry we can assure that our clients find the services that they need.

Blue Plan Properties

The property-selling process isn't that simple since the seller must be aware of the real estate market changes and needs to set a good marketing , property price and deliver the best image .

At the same time the property-buying process seem incredibly stressful since the buyer must know how much he can realistically afford considering how much he's earning and how much he's most likely to spend, in other words the client must figure out how buying a property fits into his full financial picture and make sure that the value of the property he's buying is really fair, Therefore Blue Plan Properties have a highly skilled advertisers and marketers that are able to assist the seller by setting the best marketing plan and spending on the campaign to reach the best audience, and the best financial analysts and real estate appraisers to help the buyers define the purchase capacity by advising him on the best payment plan (bank loans, cash, ...) and to appraise the property and know if the price the seller is requesting is fair.
We also have a highly motivated real estate broker to help the client find property listings that fits his budget and need, and well experienced lawyers and notaries to help both parties prepare a professional contract form, assist the client in all required legal document for the registration and other tasks